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DNR Direct Marketing Services Portfolio


List Management

DNR Direct Marketing specializes in protecting a company’s greatest asset, their customer base.  As marketers, we understand the importance of maximizing list revenue and make it our goal to see that no leaf is left unturned in this process.  Our multi-tiered sales process will become a key factor to your marketing team, eventually becoming an extension of your marketing efforts.

List Brokerage

DNR Direct Marketing provides complete list brokerage services supported by unparalleled knowledge in list buying. DNR Direct Marketing specializes in uncovering new list opportunities and untapped prospects. We work with our clients to fully understand their direct marketing objectives, analyze previous marketing efforts and mail plans, provide list recommendation and supply superior service with timely delivery.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy, effective, measurable and affordable way to acquire new customers, enhance your branding efforts and encourage increased customer loyalty. Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc. We can also incorporate our extensive offline, lifestyle and individual interest demographics to create the most responsive email data lists for your email marketing campaigns. DNR Direct Marketing ensures that emails transmitted on behalf of our clients comply with the CAN SPAM Act.

Mobile Marketing

In recent years, increasing brand recognition and market power have found a new ally in the application of mobile marketing. Depending on your company size, resource allocation and profit goals, pulling a mobile marketing strategy together can have varying degrees of impact. Since the number of mobile device users who access the Internet while on the go continues to soar, astute business owners come to DNR Direct Marketing for their mobile marketing needs.

Lead Generation

With over a decade of experience planning, executing, and growing direct marketing campaigns we are experts in developing and optimizing campaigns to drive optimal results. You will have a dedicated and experienced company overseeing every aspect of your campaign, which will include valuable feedback and consulting in order to exceed your expectations.


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